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  1. Gary Bevern says:

    Are there any foolwup novels to barracuda 945

  2. John C says:

    Mr. Robinson
    I have just completed your book “Lone Survivor” and was very moved by it. I live here on the Cape as well. And would be honored to have you sign my book.
    Thank You
    John C

  3. Michael Coffman says:

    Mr. Robinson,

    I just finished reading Diamondhead and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, there were several technical errors that bothered me. When I read a novel that tries to sound knowledgeable but gets basic details wrong I get disappointed. For example, it was mentioned that the two bodyguards were carrying SIG SAUER “service revolvers” with “full magazines.” First, SIG does not make revolvers (to my knowledge). Second, revolvers don’t have magazines nor do they have “safety catches” as mentioned later in the book. To refer to them simply as service “pistols” would have been accurate. This could have been accurately reflected by simple research.

    Another detail was the calculations that Mac did when figuring out the range for the shot. Distance shooters know that it’s the horizontal distance they need to calculate for angled shots, not the hypotenuse. That’s a bit more esoteric and I’m not too surprised but if you go into that level of detail on something like that please get it right.

    Lastly, why the references to miles and gallons when Mac was in Europe? While a minor detail it would have been more realistic to refer to kilometers and liters, especially when he was reading from the tour guide he bought in Ireland. Perhaps reference to Mac doing mental conversion for understanding would have been a nice approach.

    Overall I enjoyed the book, keep up the good work and work on the fine points.

  4. Stephen Corson says:


    Loved all the books. Would love more on Mac Bedford.

  5. Joe Reichl says:

    I just finished Delta Solution while at the beach. There is NO better way to enjoy life than to sit at the water’s edge, listening to the surf, and get hopelessly lost in your novels! I have read Each and Every one of your books, and imho you beat Clancy hands down! I do miss Admiral Morgan, though, but do enjoy Mac Bedford! Looking forward immensely to your next novel expected to come out soon – please don’t ever stop! You, Sir, are simply the BEST!

  6. Steve Rice says:

    Intercept, page 404. UH-60′s don’t carry 16 Hellfires, that’s the AH-64 Apache. 60′s can carry quad packs of HFs, but would then need the Fire Control and Laser designators, which are found on Special Forces Nightstalkers’ MH-60′s, or on kits for other -60′s. I did 15 yrs with Sikorsky Aircraft, and was the Wpn Sys Mgr on the Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66, unfortunately canx in ’03. Good stories, though. God Bless You and yours. Steve

  7. Steve Rice says:

    Read Ghost Force. Good story, sir. Several hiccups, though. Pg 316, no DSCs in Navy, that’s the Navy Cross… a big boo boo there. Pg 337, two SEALs id’ed as Seaman. That’s the Enlisted Rank of E-3, typically attained shortly after graduation from Boot Camp. Clearly, SEALs are at a much higher proficiency level, and would be unlikely to be as low as an E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class, most likely E-5, PO 2′s at the least, with approx. 4-6 yrs experience and training/accomplishment.Pg 456, another helo boo boo. AH-1 SuperCobra’s are two-crew only gunships, so never carry passengers. Those are either UH-1 Huey’s or UH-60′s as noted earlier in your story in Chile adventure (HH-60). Lastly, pg 459. NEVER ever would a stealthy, attacking SSN launch a silent strike torp, then immediately PING the target. WHOA!!! Your story notes the target snap-shots back to the US sub. So, a big mistake. See Clancy’s similar event, where the US sub fired two torps, one to go around and close at high speed from the ‘far side’. Thus, if a snap shot when that one heard shifting to high speed attach/closure mode, it would be far off the direction of the shooter. But a very good story, nevertheless. Thanks, and God bless. Keep up the good work. [My naval service in the 60's was DD's as a Sonar Tech, then worked 15 yrs in antisubmarine warfare for naval long range aircraft, the P-3C Update III with Proteus ASW suite. Then worked on the Canadian "P-3 with S-3A Viking carrier- based ASW A/C... Then went to work at Sikorsky, now retired.]

  8. Patrick Hoblyn says:


    I discovered your books several years ago and have enjoyed them hugely. Why oh why are your books not stocked in British bookshops? I was so pleased to discover new titles on Amazon. Your latest, Delta Solution is a triumph as are all of them. Many thanks!

  9. Anton Jones says:

    Which “Mack Bedford” Novel is the first? They come highly recommended to me and I’m ready to start. Thanks!

  10. C.D. Whittle says:

    I have read all your books on Arnold Morgan and Mack Bedford. While waiting for your latest book on Bedford to come out in October, I have decided to re-read all the old Arnold Morgan episodes. My wife got me Kendall Fire and I have burned through them reading most during the summer months. I love that guy and Mack too….but I kinda miss old “Arny”. Any chance of a comeback for the ‘Lion of the West Wing’? Thanks for a great ride on all your books! C.D. Whittle

  11. Keith Harvey says:

    Patrick, you are one of my 2 top authors. Your stories and plots are so intricate, clever and above all BELIEVABLE. Fiction, as you skilfully demonstrate so eminently in your books, is a fine line between fiction and reality. Above all it has to be essentially BELIEVABLE.

    Whatever your reasons for allowing Marcus Luttrell to use your name on his book Lone Survivor, was a BIG MISTAKE. This comic class fiction does not do anything for your good name, at all. The action, whilst being essentially well written, does not bear any resemblance of reality. Men continuing to fight and avade with stomach wounds, multiple neck wounds and half their face blown off, is totally unbelievable. The pinnacle of unbelievability is the rifle that after 3 or 4 hundred feet plus falls down a mountainside, is always found only 2 feet away from our hero.

    I know it is fiction, but being British ( English if you want to be pedantic ), I found the anti-British comments to be uneccesary and in fact plain inaccurate.

    I live in hope that you have it in you to write many more novels in the future, I simply cannot wait.

  12. tony collins says:

    hello patrick.i am a big fan of your books and reading scimitar sl-2 i noted that on page 542 that a huge tanker was on the beach in northern there a beach in northern nigeria. nonetheless the book is a great read and i look forward to reading your latest.

  13. Art Bingham says:

    Dear Patrick,

    Would like the opportunity to introduce a good friend of mine to you. He’s
    had a life of crises many would not have survived. Many of us have told him
    to write his story and I thought of you. Not sure you’d be interested, but I became riveted to those of yours I’ve read starting with Lone Survivor.
    Having worked at Lehman back in the ’80s and ’90s I related to your story
    with Larry McDonald of its unfortunate demise.
    At any rate I must catch up with some of your other works.

    Art Bingham

  14. Dirk says:

    When might we anticipate the next book form Patrick?

  15. Robert T. Andrews says:

    Dear Patrick,
    I just finished reading The Delta Solution and enjoyed it very much. I’m a retired Army helicopter pilot and flew AH-1G helicopter gunships in Vietnam and would like to make a couple of comments about the helicopter support during the attack on the pirate village. The four Black Hawks would have most likely flown off shore a mile or two and circled to be ready for immediate return to support the ground troops. The Apache aircraft would have also stayed close and circled to be ready to provide further assistance within a minute or two at the most. These aircraft could have stayed in the air for a couple of hours before having to refuel and wouldn’t have returned to their ships during the attack.
    I have just ordered seven more of your novels. Keep up the good work!
    Robert Andrews

  16. Martin Hug says:

    Read all your books in the Admiral Morgan series. As a ex-navy submariner I enjoyed the books. You are very good at developing charecters. You provide an underling message in all your books.

    Are the wines that are referanced in the books by the Admiral actual wine lables?

  17. Stuart Phillips says:

    I have been reading your books since 1998 and Power Play has just been delivered to my desk. I am very excitied. In my humble opinion you are the most readable of all the thriller writers.

  18. Tony Jewell says:

    Dera Patrick, I always like to refer to a map to see where it is we are at when on a mission. Hope you can include one or two in the next novel. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Don’t forget Australia is a striking place in which to set a thriller. I think the US will soon build a massive base down here. I hope so. The raw materials are in no short supply, but some terriorist org. may have big ideas of putting a stop to it. In closing, you seem to have aquired an invaluable sourse of accurate tech. inf. I’m sure many of your readers would be only too happy to assist with accurate info. Just to be acknowledged in one of your novels would be a honour you know Patrick. Keep safe. If you run short of biro’s, I’ll send you some. I have all your books, except the non fiction. You are my modern day Captain W.E.Johns mate. I’m 73 now, Was a trainer combat soldier, a long serving police officer, HWPatrol, and spent a number of years on a wool and wheat property as a share farmer. I write country songs, bush poetry and sketch and paint when the bug bites. I love the same characters in your novels. You become friends with them, if you know what I mean. Kindest regards Tony.

  19. Brian McMahon says:

    I’m currently reading Tom Clancy’s “Threat Victor” and really enjoying it. The only problem is I keep waiting for Admiral Arnold Morgan to do something! I’ve collected all of Clancy’s, Vince Flynn’s and most all of your books in hardcover and when I don’t have a new book to read I start over with you three authors and re-read the books in order. That allows me to have over 45 great novels to read at any one time. I’ll be reading “Scimitar SL-2″ for the second time next. Thank you Mr. Robinson for the many hours of enjoyment I’ve gotten from reading your novels. Adm. Morgan is my favorite character although Mitch Rapp is right up there. BMc

  20. Brian McMahon says:

    I just purchased “Power Play”. I did not know it had been released until I got on your website a half hour ago. My question is will we ever see Adm. Morgan and his crew again?

  21. Brian McMahon says:

    Just received “Power Play”! Can’t wait to get started…………….

  22. Joe Reichl says:

    Well, it is 2014 now. I have just finished a beach week at the Jersey shore, and completed Power Play…..another great novel in the Mack Bedford series. And, guess what, Admiral Morgan was back on the scene. Well, Mr. Robinson, my question to you is this: When are you going to write another book in this series?? I have read every single novel in both the Admiral Morgan/Mac Bedford series, and, as you can tell, I have loved every one of them. In my opinion, you are the best – Tom Clancy (God rest his soul) can’t hold a candle to you….I enjoy nothing more than sitting on the beach, immersed in one of your novels. Please get back on the wagon and send another novel our way.

  23. Brian McMahon says:

    Just finished reading “Kilo Class” for the second time. It had been years since I read it and I think I enjoyed more this time. I collect all your books in hardcover and just ordered “Barracuda 945″ to add to my hardcover collection. This means I can send my pb copy of Kilo Class class to my brother who also enjoys reading your books (thanks to me). Btw, I agree with Joe Reichi’s last senetence. Thanks again for the hours of enjoyment that you have provided me, and others like myself.

  24. Joe Reichl says:

    I just finished reading Lone Survivor. Now I know where the character Mac Bedford originated. Lone Survivor, what a powerful, emotional book that was!! Tears came to my eyes during parts of this book. Thanks for your labor of love and respect in the writing of this book.

  25. Brian McMahon says:

    I’ve written a few times before. My brother and I (both in our mid-60′s) are both huge fans. How is Patrick’s health? Will we ever get to hear from Adm Arnold Morgan again?
    All the best,

    Brian & Mike McMahon

    P.S. Thanks again for the hours of enjoyment you’ve given us.

  26. Joe Reichl says:

    I echo the question above by Brian McMahon (3/8/16). “HOW IS PATRICK’S HEALTH?”. I just finished Foreign Agent by Brad Thor – a good book , btw – because I have read ALL of Patrick’s thriller novels, and I needed another book to read at the beach. So, hope you are your health is ok, Mr. Robinson … all of your fans wish you well!

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