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  1. Richard B says:

    Mr. Robinson,

    I have been reading a number of your great books over the last year based on tough situations being resolved by our US Navy SEALS. The respect and admiration that you convey in your writing as to the professionalism, patriotism, and integrity of each SEAL is deeply appreciated and most moving. As a result of reading your works and learning more about the SEALS, the recent loss of a number of them in Afghanistan where they lost their lives in trying to rescue their comrades hit me hard. The young amazing wife who lost her SEAL husband and who has spoken out in the media over the last day or so about her loss, but more so about her respect for her husband and what he stood for, has added to my sense of loss. But thanks to your books, it has added to my deep, unabiding respect for those who choose and work to become special forces. I know there will be others to step up to take their place for the sake of the SEALS, their country, and all of us. Thank you for your books and more importantly for the message they convey.

  2. Jon B says:

    I loved Diamondhead and Intercept and as a result I am working my way through your other works. Mac Bedford is a good character and I would welcome more stories with him as a focal point. Writing is something I am sure I could do, as I have many stories I would like to tell, but I doubt I would have the discipline it takes to complete the process. Character development, pacing, and organization are all challenges I would have to learn and overcome. I do not think most readers stop to consider the considerable amount of work effort it takes to complete a book.
    I would like to offer one suggestion, please do better research when it comes to technical specifics. If you do not like to do this work yourself, find someone that enjoys it. For example; I am getting started on “To the Death” in audio book format. One of the early events involve Navy F-16s firing on a civilian aircraft. These Navy F-16s are mentioned multiple times. The United States Navy does not own or operate F-16s. It would have been more appropriate to say they were F-18s, but the air cover in the area mentioned (I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia) and most of the country is handled by the USAF. Thus F-15, F-16, or F-22 aircraft would have been involved in this and other air defense situations.
    One of the items that make other military thriller writers so enjoyable would be their attention to detail and accuracy. I can think of a couple authors that have reached a cutting edge point in their writing that the US military has made it a point to review their works to ensure they are not discussing items of a sensitive nature. This is something their readers enjoy and look forward to in their writing, if not outright demand. I enjoy your books and a little more attention to detail will make a 4 star work easily a 5 star effort.
    Thank you, sir for the fine work!

  3. maurice sharrock says:

    Thoroughly enjoy your books – great reading. The last two I recently read, Intercept & The Delta Solution, were riverting. Many thanks.

    I do have a query re the latter book. On pg 293, 1/3rd down, …two sticks of eighteen parachuting SEALS. That = 36 SEALS.

    Forward pg 315 ( 3rd full para), Mack set up the first SEAL RV point with two men (collected later – pg 324, 7th para).

    Same pg, 5th para, Mack split force – two teams of 18 = 36 SEALS.

    What am I missing since 36 seemingly became 38.

    Would really appreciate an explanation, busy enough as you are no doubt working, hopefully, on another great book.

  4. Brian McMahon says:

    Patrick Robinson
    I just love your novels. I’ve been a fan for over 10 years. I’ve read all of yours (and collecting them now in hard cover) along with Vince Flynn and Tom Clancy. I’ve started reading them over and just finished “Nimitz Class” last night. Thank you for the hours of entertainment you’ve given me.


  5. MDH says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for all those books, excellent work, please dont stop! Why do so many people feel the need to point out small errors in your work……..I presume they think it makes them feel better, I think it makes them look small minded and petty!

    Kind regards

  6. John Hamilton says:

    Patrick: Just finished Intercept.Well,we now know just where Bin Laden really was. Will be looking for more of books. In “Intercept,” you mentioned a Harry Remson of Maine (town not identified, Camden perhaps?). That, together with the fact thatyou summer on Cape Cod, leads me to believe that you have at somepoint, met CDR. Harry Remson, USN Ret. who used to be CO of the Naval Reserve Training Center, Boston. Remson, USNA, he who in Viet Nam, branded THE Army mule “USN.” and consequently, wound up at the Training Center. He lived on the Cape and his family was from Maine. I suspect you two must have met – too many coincidences. Best regards.
    Harry’s ex XO,
    John Hamilton

  7. Patrick Rowley says:

    Hi Patrick,
    Hi fellow flat mate. i.e. Swiss Cottage yonks ago.
    Met Roger Malone recently and then read HMS Unseen which was a great read..
    Would enjoy exchanging correspondence with you.

  8. Joel Maimon says:

    I have enjoyed your books very much. I am now reading an older one, Ghost Force. I know it was written several years ago, but couldn’t help making a comparison between the inept PM you describe and his reaction to the takeover of the Falkland Islands and the current President we now have in America. You must be a psychic to see what was coming down the road. Keep up the good work.

  9. Don H says:

    Sir – just finished The Lone Survivor. Thank you for allowing Marcus Luttrell to tell this story. The untold acts of heroism by our Special Forces and all men and women who serve should never be forgotten.

  10. Mark E says:

    Patrick, I sought you out because just a few minutes ago I finished reading a yellowed tattered paperback of your 11 year old thriller U.S.S. Seawolf passed on to me by a friend. I couldn’t put it down! Eager to find more of your work. Thanks for a great read!

  11. Robert DeWitt says:

    I have read all of your books and loved them all! Couldn’t you coax Admiral Morgan to come out of retirement for jujst one more?

  12. Jim s says:


    Have you ever been approached about having your books turned into movies.!!!!!

  13. eleonora says:

    Ciao Patrick !!
    I am italian and a great fan of you !!!
    I’ve been reading your novels since the first published in Italian (Nimitz)

    I’ve just finished Intercept and I’m looking forward to reading a new novel, possibli about Submarines, my great passion !

    Kisses, Eleonora, Milan, Italy

  14. Desertrat says:

    How does one load a magazine into a SIG-Sauer revolver?

  15. Skip Van Brunt says:

    I am reading H.M.S. Unseen. The name of the villain Benjamin Adnam is familiar. What other book by Patrick Robinson includes this character?

  16. Robyn Graves says:

    Patrick, I just read your book USS Seawolf. Loved it. I am a Taiwan Veteran and was stationed during the Cold War. I have been to China and Taiwan many times in the last 4 decades.. Your book was great. I will need to read some more of your books..

  17. Jim says:

    Enjoyed Barracuda 945, but you are a bit off on how seriously fundamental Muslims take premarital sex, and the wearing of the hajib. I don’t think they would openly accept or follow a leader that was in an open relationship with an unmarried Muslim woman. Most likely they’d stone the woman.

  18. Evan S says:

    I found Nimitz and Kilo class in a book shop before being deployed many years ago ( now retired ) and enjoyed the thrill of the read and could not wait for the following issues of Admrial Morgan and his team. As I was reading these I was wondering to myself why have these stories not made the big screen and think these many titles can become great movies. Lone survivor was one great read and kept one on edge till the end. Please keep these books coming.

  19. gary says:

    I am trying to find a copy of “The Horse Trader”. Please advise

  20. Anne says:

    I have read every one of your books and felt like I knew Adminal Morgan personally. I loved him. I especially like how you expose the stupid rule politics plays from one admin to the next. Thankfully, the American people remain respectful of the armed forces. As the wife of someone who wanted to be a seal after he finished his navy years, the detail in the Delta Solution enlightened me a lot about my husband.

  21. Joe Maubach says:


    Diamondhead is my all time favorite. Also, I miss Admiral Morgan and the submarines. Please bring him out of retirement.

    Best wishes,

  22. Gert says:

    love your books, but why there not translate in the dutch language

  23. richard parker says:

    Mr. Robinson,

    I’ve read them all, and await the next one. They are great stories, and usually the technology is convincing. Either you, or your editor, has been careless in The Delta Solution in the use of the phrase knots per hour. I don’t remember ever having seen this error before in your books. And you have done it right thousands of times. Let me explain to whoever does not understand.

    Knot is a unit of speed; one knot is one nautical mile per hour, about 15% faster than one statute mile per hour. On page 48, paragraph 5, the pilot set the Orion’s speed at 400 knots, not knots per hour. On page 205, paragraph 4, the pirates were closing on the Mustang at 10 knots, not knots per hour.

    Knots per hour is a unit of rate of change of speed, or acceleration. I don’t remember ever having seen it in print being used correctly. When a ship leaves port and clears the sea buoy, she accelerates to her cruise speed. If she sped up from 10 knots to 25 knots in 30 minutes, she accelerated at 30 knots per hour. A Navy fighter on a steam catapult might go from a standstill to 150 knots in 3 seconds. It accelerated at 50 knots per second which calculates to 180,000 knots per hour.

    While I’m nit picking, here’s one more. On page 257, paragraph 3, the Ocean Princess drew 170 feet. Where in the world can she pull up to a dock? And ships aren’t wide; they have beam.

    Thanks again for all the good stuff. I hope I have cleared up a mystery for you.

    Dick Parker

  24. Warren says:

    I am on my six book Barracuda 945 ,Your Adm Morgan series are additive ,I plan on reading all.

  25. Wayne Phillips says:

    Mr. Robinson,

    I have read and thoroughly enjoyed your Naval books. At the time I read them, I enjoyed them as ‘good reading’. Now as time has passed since I read them, world events seem to have caught up to your books and showed your excellent perception as how things may pan out. I am impressed with your research and knowledge of the United States Navy and their various functions, particularly the Navy Seals. (‘Lone Survivor’ is a book I will always remember and for those who want a real good read about the Seal history and training, read ‘Rogue Warrior” by Richard Marcinko and ‘Warrior Elite’ by Dick Couch, both former Seals). But what I have noticed recently is the foresight your books have shown. I just read an AOL article that the Chinese Navy has their first carrier now going through sea trials. This carrier is one they bought from the former Soviet Union called the Varyag, unfinished, with no engines, weaponry or navigation systems. They hope to have it operational by next year but without aircraft. Thet claim this carrier is for training purposes but it s believed it will be used as a copy to build more.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thank you,

    Wayne Phillips

  26. Westy says:

    Mr Robinson, you Sir are a legend. I started with Nimitz Class two months ago and I am unable to stop. I am currently reading The Shark Mutiny. I often wonder how real to life your books may be, then today I read the following:

    Iran warns to block strait of Hormuz if sanctions applied –
    I need a coffee, black with buckshot, and if you teach master classes on world politics I would happily take one of those also.

    Your foresight is a sharp as a blade and your imagination is gripping.
    Keep up the good work,

  27. john barlage says:

    I think I have read all of your books so far. I really enjoy the ones with Admiral Morgan and think its a same he retired, but I see he is making appearances now, so everything hasn’t gone to hell yet. Keep the good stuff coming, enjoy them all very much..John B

  28. Gary says:

    Mr. Robinson,
    I enjoy your books very much and always look forward to your latest. I recently finished Diamondhead and noted an interesting factual error so, even though you have probably already heard from current or former “Death Rattlers,” thought I would send it on. VMFA 323, the “Death Rattlers,” is a Marine fighter squadron, not Navy. I flew with 323 for a year during the Vietnam war. We were based at Chu Lai and flew the F-4.

  29. Mr. Robinson:

    I love your stories about submarines. Hope you will write more of this genre.

    I just went back in time and read “Slider”. As a former wannabe, i ws really into this story. At age 76 I can still feel the game and the excitement it brings forth.

    Warm regards, Richard

  30. Peter Whipp says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I am an avid reader of your books and have just finished Scimitar SL 2 for the second time as the volcano at Cumbre Viega was recently the subject of a documentary on Dicovery channel( I think)
    There has been a slippge of about 5 metres along the fault line and it doesnt look to healthy!
    However, and I hesitate to nitpick, one fact that did confuse me was at hte beginning of Chapter 7 page 263 when the Barracuda was 25 miles south of Cape Horn moving through the Drake passge having concluded their Southward journey – line 2 states the course was 270 – should it not have been course 090 due East as para 2 states “they had made good speed….. and were now headed East” ?
    is this correct?
    Thanks for many hours of great reading
    Peter Whipp
    Cape Town
    South Africa

  31. john barlage says:

    Just finished Scimitar SL-2 and was very happy to see Arnie make a comeback. Enjoyed the book very much. One correction for who ever proof reads your work is on page 347. Four F-15 Tomcats to excort the president. So sorry but the F-15 is called an Eagle, the F-14 is called a Tomcat, otherwise a very good story as usual, keep up the good work and don’t let Arnie idle too long.. thanks John

  32. Julien says:

    I’ve started reading your books in French but the lasts were not translated… so I bought them in English without waiting their translation !

    Thanks for your stories.
    Now… is there any project of a movie ?.

  33. Luis says:

    Patrick :

    Please….Admiral Morgan….one more time….PLEASE !

  34. Ayi says:

    I just finished reading HMS Unseen and I love it!!!
    Is that really the end of Ben Adnam?
    I really wish to see more of him…

  35. Matt says:

    Mr. Robinson,

    I’ve been fascinated with the Navy SEALs for as long as I can remember. I have read The Lone Survivor, Diamondhead, Intercept, & am about to begin The Delta Solution. Love your books man and I’m not even a big reader! Keep on writing please!

  36. Dr. Ramesh says:

    I ran into your books when I was reading books by Peter Robinson also from the UK. I enjoy your books more than Peter Robinson’s.

    I love your writing style. You wield a facile pen. Your books makes reading enthralling.

  37. Roy Watson says:

    Dear Mr. Robinson,
    I have read everything you have written over the years and enjoyed it all. “the Delta Solution” came at a most opportune moment.
    Why? For all the right reasons!
    I met Team 10 and received the coin with pride.
    When “we” don’t have THEM anymore – God help our civilization -
    it is that important. KEEP THE PRESS AWAY FROM THEM !!
    With best regards, to them and you
    Roy Watson

  38. Tom Deschamps says:

    Patrick – Your books are fascinating and I intend to read all of them. I served four years in the U.S.Navy as a sonar technician (1968 – 1972). But the reason I’m writing this is because on page 282 of The Delta Solution, is the name Parker Lansdale. That was my step father’s name (he served as an officer in the Marines). It’s an unusual name, so I’m curious as to where this came from in your book. Thanks, and keep writing! Tom

  39. Jim B. says:

    I have read all of your books. I started with the Nimitz class and have been a die hard fan ever since. It is hard to get me to read other authors because your books are so well written and reasearched. I hope that you will bring back Mr Morgan… my favorite guy. Iwould like to see the Nimitz class made into a movie.. that was my favorite and would be really good. Thanks for the stories!

  40. Cecelia Pearce says:

    Mr. Robinson, I am an ardent fan of your books and especially Admiral Morgan. Wish you could bring him back, on occasion as he is a delightful character.
    My question has to do with your thoroughbred horse books. Is there a possibility you are planning an update to “Classic Lines” and” Decade of Champions”? A current book showcasing such horses as Barbaro, Smarty Jones, Funny Cide, the great Cigar and the magnificent Zenyatta would be sought after by hundreds of horse fans. Please consider it.
    I look forward always to your Seal novels. Cecelia

  41. Vicky Moss says:

    Really have enjoyed reading all your books. One of the best authors today.

  42. Steve says:

    Hi Patric,

    I have been an avid reader of yours for sometime however due to a busy work schedule I more often than not use audio books. Unfortunately for some years it has not been possible in the UK to download or purchase on CD any of your Arnold Morgan / Ravi Rashood series (Unseen etc). I presume this is due to publishing rights but wounded if you can let us know if you ever expect to make your older works available in Audio in the UK.

    Kind Regards

  43. BILL BOLASH says:

    Patrick……I have read every one of your works…and can’t wait until the next one is out. I have especially enjoyed the submarine thrillers…and the fearless, frank and forceful Arnold Morgan. With international security diminishing more every day, and the terrorist threat increasing, I look for Admiral Morgan to come out of retirement to take on a special assignment!

    Keep up the great work!

  44. Todd Kraiger says:

    Hi Patrick,
    I have read all your books and really enjoyed the exploits of Arnold Morgan and the flow onto Mack’s adventures. From a small country, New Zealand, where our own SAS soldiers have served our country with great pride to read these stories of the SEALs and submarines is fascinating.
    I’ve just finished Lone Survivor and found that hard to read – not because of the story told, but of the very real nature of the SEALs in operation Redwing. For Marcus to fight along side three of his closest friends and see them all gunned down in the way they were, I really have no idea of how this would have felt at the time or in Marcus’s memory every day since. No mere civilian would. I applaud his stong opinions on the do-gooders in this world and all the BS these soldiers must face on the battlefield about rules of engagement etc. I fully agree with his comments that they are the most efficient elite fighting force in the world and when they are sent to do what they do best, they should not have to worry about what could happen if they shoot first! Thanks again for your ficton and non-ficton books, keep up the great work

  45. Dennis Foster says:

    I have been trying to fine the book Intercept with no luck. Can you tell me where to obtain it?

  46. Alan Ludmerer says:

    HUGE fan. I’ve read every book and am a big fan of your Admiral Arnold Morgan even though he seems to be getting phased out.

    been a while since your last book…….When can we finally expect a new one? I’ll scehdule a vacation around it! Thanks again.

  47. John Hall says:

    Wow, I read Kilo Class and then went and bought six more of your books and have finished 5 now (in two weeks). I can’t put them down. Thanks so very much for the OUTSTANDING read. I love Rollins, and have not started his latest since you have me strung out reading all your books. John

  48. Mark Kreutzer says:

    Just finished “Shark Mutiny” and enjoyed it very much. One tip though: US naval ships do not have “tannoy systems”. When I was in the USNR over 50 years ago, the shipwide communication system was the 1MC.

  49. Lesley Hovington says:

    Sir,I have read all your books many times,I have just finished “Shark Mutiny”,again.I still have a tear at the end and the injustice of the court martial.This is down to you and how you draw the reader into your world.
    Thank you LesleyH

  50. Natalie Healy says:

    Hi Patrick,

    My name is Natalie Healy. My son, Dan Healy, died during Operation Redwing when their rescue helicopter was shot down. He was Marcus’ Senior Chief ( as you probably know).
    I have read Lone Survivor because -as you know- there isn’t much about Dan since Marcus didn’t even know about losing the guys until after he was rescued. His story was an incredible story.
    I’ve been reading Diamondhead. Initially I was hoping it would be set in Hawaii but to my surprise much of it is set in Maine where I had just returned from touring the destroyer, Michael Murphy, being built at BWI, so all your references to BWI fascinated me.
    I live in Exeter, NH and would love to talk to you sometime.
    Also, went to Ireland- the West- a couple of years ago. Loved it!!! Felt like home.
    Hope to talk SEALs, Dan, BWI, Redwing, Ireland with you soon.
    Maybe you could join one of our SEAL mom dinners in NH. We have them once a month. ( There’s a large percentage of SEALs from the Seacoast of NH).
    Oh- love Mack- he’s just set up shop at the French shipyard before Foche’s speech so gotta get back and keep reading to see how he does.

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